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About Greater Mount Nebo

Seeking God's Agenda

Greater Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church is a christian organization under the leadership of Pastor Charles Allen, Jr. For the last 65 years, the church has shared the gospel in the Fifth Ward area of Houston, Texas and will continue to do so. 


The church stands completely devoted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every ministry stands united in sharing with people the doctrine of salvation

Our Vision

Through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, Greater Mt. Nebo will lead in fostering
a disciple making church within the community. Being fully committed to the Great
Commission, discipleship is integrated into every aspect of each ministry. Discipleship will be the DNA of the church. The priority in making disciples will be clear to all who attend a church service or ministry function at Greater Mt. Nebo.

Greater Mt. Nebo will be known as a church that cares for the community.
Members will

  • focus on their spiritual growth

  • share in the growth of others around them

  • embrace the challenge of making disciples of the nation

  • demonstrate the love of Christ to those outside of Nebo

The future leaders of this disciple making movement will be those that were discipled from the very community the church lies in. 

Our Misison

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